There is something special about a wolf. If you have never seen one in person I highly recommend visiting a local wolf preserve. Lakota Wolf Preserve in Columbia, New Jersey just over the New York border would be happy to have you visit.

They are a nonprofit located in the Delaware Water Gap and they have dedicated themselves to caring for not just Wolves but also bobcat fox and lynx. Created in 1998 they welcome visitors of all ages to stop by to see the preserve but you do need to book ahead.

Celebrate National Wolf Awareness Week with a Trip to the Lakota Wolf Preserve

Lakota Wolf Preserve via Facebook Wolf Week
Lakota Wolf Preserve via Facebook Wolf Week

This week they are supporting National Wolf Awareness Week. According to Wolf Awareness Week is celebrated each year during the third week of October. The objective is to keep the wolf top of mind.

Wolves flourished in their natural environments about a century ago, with a population of nearly two million. These highly gregarious animals were hunted in the wild with every weapon available in the early 1900s, and their entire number was reduced by hundreds of thousands. As a result, in 1973, the federal government designated wolves as the most endangered species in the United States. Only tens of thousands of wolves remain in the wild and in captivity today. (via

Lakota Wolf Preserve via Facebook Wolf Week
Lakota Wolf Preserve via Facebook Wolf Week


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Lakota Wolf Preserve has asked that people interested in Wolves find out more about an organization that wants wolves re-listed on the endangered species list. Recently some federal protections were put in place but Relist Wolves feels more could be done.

Quick Facts About Wolves with National Geographic

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