Will the Hudson Valley still want a Trader Joe's in the area after they find out about the recent Banana price bump?

Who are we kidding? Hudson Valley residents are always going to be asking for a Trader Joe's.

Trader Joe's Increases Banana Price For First Time in 20 Years

On Monday, March 25th, 2024 a spokesperson for Trader Joe's told CNN that there would be a necessary change to the price of bananas.

If you didn't know, Trader Joe's has sold single bananas for 19 cents for about 20 years. It's something that they took pride in, one may say they would actually brag about it, writing it on the chalkboard sign above the produce.

The bananas at Trader Joe's are going from 19 cents to 23 cents a piece, which is more than a 20% increase.

The Trader Joe's spokesperson told CNN:

“We only change our prices when our costs change, and after holding our price for Bananas at 19¢ each for more than two decades, we’ve now reached a point where this change is necessary,”

Why Are Banana Prices on The Rise?

It's no secret, inflation is hurting all Americans. But what is to blame for the new Trader Joe's banana price increase?

According to CBS News, climate change. In an article posted on March 13th, 2024

However, the price hikes may be helpful in the future. British Professor Dan Bebber explained at a conference obtained by CBS News that the higher prices will "help those countries that grow our bananas to prepare for climate change, to put mitigation in place, to look after soils, to pay their workers a higher wage."

Bebber adds that consumers have benefited from "very, very cheap bananas over the past few decades" continuing that "it's not really a fair price, so that is really something that needs to be looked at."

Should Trader Joe's Open Up More Hudson Valley Locations?

Speaking of Trader Joe's, it's one of the many businesses that Hudson Valley residents consistently ask to be built in the region. Even though we have 2 very close locations in Yorktown Heights and Danbury, CT.

Will Trader Joe's replace the Shop Rite in Ellenville, New York? Many Hudson Valley residents say yes. Here are list of suggested grocery stores to replace the old Shop Rite location:

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