After the events that unfolded in Nashville, Tennessee earlier this week many people are on edge again while others see it as an opportunity to harass people. Numerous schools in our area and across the country have been experiencing false claims that violence is being planned.

Sadly after each mass school shooting, there is a period of time where bad actors feel the need to prolong the event by targeting schools with pranks or false threats, It is very dangerous behavior due to the fact that everyone is on heightened awareness.

Hyde Park Elementary School Investigates Threats Made Against the School

Apparently earlier on March 30, 2023, according to a Dutchess County Sheriff's Office press releaseNetherwood Elementary School in Hyde Park is the latest school to receive one of these false claims.

According to the release the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Division received phone calls from concerned citizens who reported a school threat by a student.

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This resulted in the School District conducting an investigation into the threat which also had law enforcement launching an investigation as well. Both members of the Sheriff's Office Detectives and members of the Patrol Bureau responded and at this time it has been determined that there are no threats and/or dangers to the school, its students, and its teachers.

It is important to note though that the press release also stated that the matter is still under investigation. The student involved will not be attending school until further notice and there will be a law enforcement presence at the school on Friday, March 31, 2023. Parents can contact the school for more information.

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The school has also posted this notice on its website. / Netherwood / Netherwood

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