The weather we have been having this winter has driven me back into my Tea Caddy. I say it like I have a fancy box my tea is kept in but the reality is it is loaded up in a big canister in the cabinet.

I find that when the air is damp and the climate seems dry a hot cup of tea will ring you back to a happy place and the gray sky seems a bit brighter. The cool thing about tea these days is that you can get so many unique blends if you are willing to venture into a real tea shop.

Do a Lot of People Drink Hot Tea?

Some fun facts about tea are that this past January was National Hot Tea Month which I think works for February too. Also, claims that on any given day during the year, approximately 159 million Americans are drinking tea.

Putting tea bag into glass cup full of hot water

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A consumption study done in 2021 found that Americans consumed almost 85 billion servings of tea which translates to more than 3.9 billion gallons. For a country that once poured tea into Boston Harbor to protest we sure have become a country of tea lovers.

I am sure the British are still drinking more tea than us Americans. They are still the people you think of when someone says they are having afternoon tea. And speaking of afternoon teas if you want to go to one you are in luck.

Michele Jackson
Michele Jackson

Where Can You Go for Afternoon Tea in the Hudson Valley

Restaurant 1915 at the Bear Mountain Inn is now serving Afternoon Tea Monday through Thursday from 1 PM to 3 PM. Reservations are suggested but walk-ins are welcome.

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Tea Shops of the Hudson Valley

These aren't your typical tea shops. They are all very traditional while offering something out of the ordinary. Making a Tea Trail to all of these shops would be very rewarding. They all have tea in common but each has something special they offer in addition to fine tea. Explore this gallery then go explore this Trail of Tea.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

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