Live From New York, it's Shane Gillis at West Point! Well, not really.

Saturday Night Live Welcomes Shane Gillis

I'll be honest. I haven't watched an episode of Saturday Night Live since Amy Pohler and Tina Fey left. With that being said, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about this past week's episode.

It was announced a few weeks ago that comedian Shane Gillis would be hosting, which surprised many since Gillis was previously fired from SNL.

Why Was Shane Gillis Fired From SNL?

If you watched the show this weekend, Gillis briefly touched upon his firing from SNL. I believe that during his monologue he said something along the lines of "Don't look it up."


So, we looked it up.

Gillis was fired from Saturday Night Live back in September 2019 after a video resurfaced from a podcast in which the comedian used "slurs to refer to Chinese people, mocking Chinese accents and using a homophobic epithet" according to The Washington Post.

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Before his short-lived stint as a Saturday Night Live cast member, Gillis was in the Hudson Valley.

Shane Gillis Recruited By West Point

If you've followed Gillis' comedy over the years and his appearances on other podcasts, you would have heard him mention that he was an athlete growing up. Gillis played football in high school in Pennsylvania as an offensive tackle.

According to Wikipedia, Gillis was then recruited to play at West Point for the Black Knights. However, his days at Michie Stadium were also short-lived. In several interviews, Shane has mentioned that the whole process wasn't the most fun he's ever had:

@ryan.sickler How to get out of #westpoint with #shanegillis♬ original
sound - Ryan Sickler
Wikipedia adds that after the comedian left West Point he eventually ended up playing a year of college football at  Elon University. 

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