Not many of us can say that we have seen a real wolf. Even fewer of us can say we have seen a Red Wolf. But thanks to the Trevor Zoo at Millbrook School many of us can join the "I Have Seen a Wolf Club" at least on nursery cam.

This past week the Trevor Zoo in Millbrook, New York shared some exciting news. On May 3rd they shared that a Red Wolf named Flora had given birth to puppies. Red Wolves are rare and having them born in captivity is amazing.

Red Wolves Born at the Trevor Zoo in Millbrook, New York

You can watch the Trevor Zoo Wolves and the Pups via live feed. They have also shared a YouTube video which has sound so you can hear the puppies being vocal.

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Getting to see Wolves up close like this in their own dens is pretty special so it is great that the zoo has set up this opportunity.  The page that is dedicated to the Red Wolves at says that the Red Wolves are one of 11 endangered species that call the Trevor Zoo home. A total of 8 Red Wolves live at the zoo.

What is the Trevor Zoo in Millbrook New York

The Trevor Zoo is an AZA accredited Zoo and a member since 1989 according to their website. They are located at the Millbrook School which makes them the only zoo in the world located at a high school. There are about 75 students who care for the more than 160 animals at the zoo.

Their mission is to educate The Millbrook School Students and visitors to the zoo about wildlife. Zoo visits are by registration only. The Trevor Zoo is open 7 days a week from 9 AM to 5 PM.

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