If you spend any time driving on Route 9W in the Newburgh area between Marlboro and Newburgh you have probably noticed that one section of the popular road has gone through some changes over the last few years.

Back in the middle of May 2022, we learned that a portion of Route 9W in Newburgh, NY was getting ready to undergo some major changes as businesses were sold, new traffic lights went up and land was cleared to make way for a decent-sized plaza. The changes began in May 2022 when the owners of one of the Hudson Valley's longest-running farm stands announced that they had sold their property to developers and were closing for good.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Overlook Farm Market in Newburgh Closes

The Overlook Farm Market was a staple on Route 9W for 50+ years and when Penney and James Lyons announced they had sold the farm stand rumors began to spread as to what would take its place. When we spoke to Penney two years ago she told us that the new owners had some big plans for their property and the surrounding area. Soon after we spoke the farm stand was demolished and construction began on a new plaza across the street.

Google Maps
Google Maps

New Plaza on Route 9W

Construction was well underway when the picture above was taken in September 2022 and as you can see the plaza had space for numerous businesses on one side and it appeared that it would be home to either a bank or a fast food restaurant because one of the new buildings was built with a drive-thru area. After driving past the plaza once a week for the last year or so I've noticed that construction seems to be done but nothing has opened yet.

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What's Going at Newburgh Plaza

The plaza located at 5440 Route 9W has space for probably 5-10 businesses on one side and looks like it could be a perfect spot for a Dunkin or Starbucks on the other side but as of today it just sits empty. We haven't heard anything about what businesses that might be coming to the plaza but would love to know if anyone has any information as to why it's taking so long for something to open. If you have any information email me at CJ@HUDSONVALLEYCOUNTRY.COM, be as specific as you can as we might use the info you provide for a future article.

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What Businesses Does Newburgh Want at This Plaza?

If you drive or live near this plaza is there a certain business you would welcome to town? If you pick any store, what would you pick? Let us know through our station app above.

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