Is it just me or are the frogs out of control this Spring? Maybe it is the rain that makes them so happy. It also could be the ridiculous amount of early mosquitos. Whatever it is the frog in my neighborhood is having what I refer to as an all-night kegger.

My neighbors and I joke that they are the neighborhood night choir but they only know one song. What always amazes me is how loud that song can be.

How Loud are Frogs in Decibels

After a while around my house, it starts to feel as if the frogs are yelling at each other. I can hear them loud and clear so I presume their friends can hear them too but that doesn't mean they don't turn up the volume. Again it's like living next door to a frog party house.

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Some of the calls are so shrill I got thinking that can't be good for your ears so I looked up what is the average decibel for a frog and it turns out they are pretty loud. Apparently, a Gray Tree Frog can reach 108 decibels which is the same as a live rock band and almost as loud as a riveting machine. A jet flyover at 1000 feet is only 103.

Frog Calls of New York

Have you been able to identify your neighbor frogs from this video? I have found my little noisy makers. It appears I have American Toads and Eastern Grey Tree Frogs.