Would it surprise you if I said that people have already been out playing golfing in the Hudson Valley this year? It appears that the 2024 golf season is officially underway.

Some Hudson Valley golf courses have taken advantage of the warm weather and the lack of snow to get the golf fans off the couch and out on the course. Diehard golfers aren't afraid of a little chill. They are just happy to get in a round.

Why Play Golf in Late Winter in the Hudson Valley?

Late winter and early spring can be one of the best times to play golf in the Hudson Valley. Getting out early lets you work off the winter cobwebs before the real season starts. Plus you can see all the work the course did over the winter. It is also the best way to spend an unexpectedly warm day in early spring.

Apple Greens Golf Course via Facebook
Apple Greens Golf Course via Facebook

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Once spring officially arrives the course will be hopping and you don't want to be one of those folks out there trying to find your swing while others are weeks ahead of you. Check with your favorite golf post to see if they are doing a soft opening over the next few weeks.

When Do Hudson Valley Golf Courses Open for 2024?

Turns out that quite a few of the Hudson Valley golf courses have already welcomed golfs out to the course. You may have to stick to the cart path, especially after all the rain we have had this week but you can get swinging if you are ready.

Apple Greens in Highland, NY posted they will be open starting Friday. They even shared a reel of some of the work they did over the winter on the course.

Other courses such as Stone Dock Golf Course in High Falls have already been open this year on a day-by-day basis based on weather.

Hudson Valley Golf Courses that offer Memberships

It is not just semi-private golf clubs that offer memberships to golfers. Many Hudson Valley courses have memberships or seasonal packages available for the golfer who wants to be out at least once a week.

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As a matter of fact, Wiltwyck Golf Club in Kingston, New York is currently running a contest where you can win a 2024 membership.

Apple Green Golf Club via Facebook 8-11-2021
Apple Green Golf Club via Facebook 8-11-2021

Don't wait to get a membership or even a golf package from your favorite course to play for 2024. Often those types of offers don't last because they are in limited supply.

Also don't forget that your favorite golf course is a great place to eat before or after a round. Some of them are perfect for even a non-golf date due to the beautiful view and amazing food they offer.

Golf Courses in The Hudson Valley with Great Golf, Food and Drink

Golf Season 2024 is underway and it's not the fairways getting ready. Many of our Hudson Valley golf courses offer great golf and great food. Many of them offer party and catering options too. Even though they can be seasonal breakfast, lunch, or dinner at one of our local golf courses can mean a delicious meal with a guaranteed view.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

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