A new year and a proposed new law bring similar problems for organizers of a drag strip in the Town Of Plattekill, New York.

The last three years have been quite the journey for a group of car racing fans in Ulster County who have been trying hard to build a dragstrip in the Town of Plattekill. The original plans that were submitted for town approval back in 2021, outlined how organizers would build a dragstrip near 153 Freetown Road, in Plattekill.


Ulster County Dragstrip Hits "Skids"

Once plans were submitted many in the community shared online how some were all for the dragstrip, while others voiced their anger about the possibility of it happening. We told you last year that after being forced to change plans organizers were regrouping and planning to resubmit plans as soon as possible. According to one of the organizers they have resubmitted and have told us they have been met with more challenges and changes.

New Law in Plattekill, NY?

One of the dragstrip supporters Neil Zimbaldi sent a message informing us that supporters of the "Modena Dragstrip" have been informed by the town board in Plattekill that the town has "introduced a law which will ban all motor vehicle racing business within the town." It's unclear if the town has introduced this law or not but according to Zimbaldi, "After 2 years and 200k of back and forth, making changes, submitting analysis of sound, traffic environmental, the town puts forth this law to be considered."

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Dragstrip Supporters Asked to Mail in Concerns

The Plattekill town board offers residents the opportunity to speak in a public forum at its monthly meetings and apparently, dragstrip supporters showed up at the January meeting in full force,

"We packed the town hall where it exceeded the maximum occupancy of the building," said Zimbaldi.

Supporters were then told by town supervisor Dean DePew that moving forward supporters will need to mail in their concerns about the dragstrip and have until February 7th to submit letters. Zimbaldi told us "This is the end game for us" so if anyone is interested in showing support for the dragstrip they can mail letters to:

Plattekill Town Board
1915 State Rte 55,
Modena, NY 12548

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