Thankfully those involved are all okay.

What do they say about March again, "In like a lion, out like a lamb?" Looks like Mother Nature is taking that to heart in the Hudson Valley.

Breezy Start to March in The Hudson Valley

We should expect March to be a breezy one, Meteorologist Ben Noll wrote on X back on March 3rd that the Hudson Valley should expect "lion-like" tendencies earlier in the month explaining:

mostly in the form of rain and some wind. If you read my spring outlook, you’d know that the region will frequently contend with wet weather thanks to continued effects of El Niño

Dangerous Winds Blow Through the Hudson Valley

Monday, March 11th was a windy one across the Hudson Valley. The National Weather Service placed the Hudson Valley under a wind advisory until midnight on March 12th.

And those winds left a trail of destruction behind.

The Woodbury Fire Department shared scary images of a car accident Southbound on the  Palisades in the area of Exit 17 that involved a car and a large tree.

Woodbury Fire Department, Facebook
Woodbury Fire Department, Facebook

The fire department explained that while everyone involved was transported to a local hospital, their injuries were not deemed life-threatening.

They added the following warning for Hudson Valley residents on windy days writing:

Please stay alert out there with high winds as there are a lot of older rotted or dead trees along most roadway

A comment on the Woodbury Fire Department Facebook page shared just how daunting it was to the scene in person writing:

Drove past this. I was 100% convinced no one was walking away. Glad to hear they’re ok… someone was definitely watching over them

Woodbury Fire Department, Facebook
Woodbury Fire Department, Facebook

Across the river in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County Wire Wacker on Facebook reported that the facade at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel collapsing onto Mill Street made the rounds.

In case of another dangerous wind day here in the Hudson Valley, keep these preparation tips in mind:

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