A cafe voted as having one of the best cups of coffee in the country has chosen Poughkeepsie for its first New York location.

While many customers flock to Saxbys for its award-winning lattes, refreshing cold brews, yummy pastries, and hearty breakfast sandwiches, it's the company's business model that seems to get the most attention.

A few months ago, Saxbys beat out Dunkin', Starbucks, and several other coffee chains in a list of the best coffee chains in America.

The little-known cafe is slowly gaining recognition throughout the northeast and is now opening its first New York location.

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The Poughkeepsie Saxbys Won't Be Your Average Coffee Joint

Saxbys was established in 2015 as a business that makes insanely delicious coffee while supporting local students by providing them with entrepreneurial experience. The company utilizes "student leaders" to not only work at its cafes but also manage and run them.

According to Saxbys, the company utilizes a unique Experiential Learning Platform where students earn academic credits and a paid wage through a university cooperative education platform. With over 25 locations in Pennsylvania, Massachusets, Ohio, Indiana and Georgia, Saxbys is now coming to the Empire State.

Poughkeepsie Saxbys
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Saxbys' Unique Menu Coming to Poughkeepsie

While all Saxbys locations serve the company's award-winning coffee, each cafe has its own unique menu. Most Saxbys also offer pastries, sandwiches and energy drinks but some have individualized items like a pickle grilled cheese, sweet mint cold brew or a super moist crumb cake.

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Saxbys has partnered with Marist College to open its first New York location this fall. The cafe will be located at the brand-new Dyson Center on Route 9. The student-run cafe is part of the building's massive $60 million transformation.

Poughkeepsie Marist Saxbys New York
Carlo de Jesus/Marist College

Saxbys to Announce "Student CEO"

In a press release, Saxbys and Marist College say they will announce the very first SCEO, a "student CEO" who will run the company on campus. In keeping with Saxby's mission, all of the operations of the cafe will be completely student-run.

According to Marist, a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Saxbys will take place after the start of the fall semester.

A similar cafe at Temple University has proven to be very successful. A video from the college explains how the experiential learning cafe works.

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