A Hudson Valley zipline described as a "monster" is over one mile long, goes over 55mph and is officially the longest zipline in America.

I went on a zipline tour once and it was so much different than I pictured it to be. As someone deathly afraid of heights, I feared that I wasn't going to be terrified the entire time. In fact, once I was strapped into that harness I felt pretty secure. Even though I was soaring dozens of feet over the ground I felt safe and was able to sit back and enjoy the ride.

There is one zipline, however, that I might have some issues with.

Hudson Valley Zipline Tour
Catamount Zip Tour

The Longest Zipline in America is in the Hudson Valley

It turns out that adrenaline junkies have had May 14 on their calendar for months. That's when America's longest zipline officially opens for the season.

New York Zipline Adventures at Hunter Mountain used to boast having the longest zipline at a whopping 3,200 feet. Before it closed in 2023 that was the "holy grail" of aerial adventure. Now, there's a new monster zipline in the area and it's almost twice as long.

New York State Zipline
Catamount Zip Tour

The Catamount Zip Tour in Hillsdale New York features a thrilling one-mile zipline that reaches speeds of up to 55 miles per hour.  The zipline soars high above the Hudson Valley and stretches between two states.

Located on the New York and Massachusetts border, Catamount Ski Area transforms into an aerial adventure destination in the summer, attracting thrill seekers from all over the country to experience the longest zipline.

Catamount Zipline Tour Has Unique Feature

The two-hour Catamount Zipline tour boasts three dual-zipline spans where you can glide through the air next to a friend or loved one. The tour also features a one-of-a-kind braking system that allows you to control your speed. This allows riders to either race their friends or sync their speeds to enjoy taking in the aerial views of the Hudson Valley and Berkshire Mountains. And, of course, the tour ends with the record-breaking zipline dubbed the "Cata-Monster".

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