There are a number of thoughts racing through the minds of firefighters when they answer any given call. Aside from reaching the actual emergency as fast as possible, they must also potentially care for sick and injured people.

It goes without saying that their equipment is extremely heavy, as well. Carrying that gear up multiple flights of stairs is a daunting task.

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This is why there are serious penalties involved for anyone who may call in, or create a false fire alarm  Your parents and teachers taught you to never pull a fire alarm unless there's an actual fire.

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But what if the one pulling the alarm isn't human?

Horse Pulls Fire Alarm in Lower Hudson Valley 

The Bedford Fire Department posted on its Facebook page that they were dispatched to a commercial fire alarm at South Hill Stables on Guard Hill Road. The department said that the activation was from a pull station, meaning "someone physically pulled an alarm to set it off."

After checking the entire system, Bedford Fire said they found a pull station in the down, or activated, position. However, the department said the only one who was anywhere near the station was a horse named Jax.

Evidently, the horse was able to reach out from his stall and bite down on the alarm to set it off, says Bedford Fire.

Jax refused to answer any questions at the scene, says fire officials.

The Bedford Fire Department says they did however handle a simultaneous residential fire alarm on Middle Patent Road as well that day.

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