Another day, another scam, phishing and fraud alert, this time from a notable Hudson Valley based banking establishment.

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Late last week, and even into this week, plenty of Hudson Valley residents took to social media and local message boards over concerns of a text message they received from what appeared to be their financial institution - I was one of those people, and I don't even have an account at this bank anymore!

Hudson Valley (Federal) Credit Union Text Alert Alarms Hudson Valley

Several Hudson Valley residents were alarmed by a text message received from what alleged to be Hudson Valley Credit Union indicating that their banking had been 'temporarily suspended due to some deviant transactions.'


The financial institution, which has been based here in the Hudson Valley for decades, changed from Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union to Hudson Valley Credit Union back in 2019. The fact that the former 'federal' word was included in the logo tipped some  people off to the fact that these messages could be spam or scam based.

The message I received went on to ask people to confirm their activity at a linked website in order to 'avoid permanent account deactivation.'

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Several Variations of 'Fraudulent Activity' Messages Target Hudson Valley Bankers

The message in the photo above is the one that I personally received on Thursday November 2nd, and came from a (703) area code number, whereas some other recipients of the messaging indicate that theirs came from (928) and even (845), and had slightly different content. A post in the Dutchess County Moms Facebook group displayed a message with the same outdated logo, but a message that read the following:

Hudson Valley Credit Union: Potential fraud has halted your online banking for the sake of enhanced security. Please confirm your identity now at (web address) to prevent closure.

The user commented that she contacted Hudson Valley Credit Union who confirmed that the message was 100% fraudulent.

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Another user in the same thread shared that their message read:

There was an unusual attempt to initiate a transfer from your Hudson Valley checking account. If you did not perform this action, visit (web address) to secure your account information.

In the string of "I got that too" "me too" "my son got multiple messages just like this," one commenter noted that they received messaging from the bank's actual phone number which she too confirmed was fraud.

Just another reminder to be especially cautious with any/all messages asking for personal information, even if it appears to be from your own bank or financial institution.

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