HBO has hidden Iron Thrones from "Game of Thrones' to get people excited for the premiere of the final season.

Fansided reports that HBO has hidden six Iron Thrones around the world as part of their 'Quest for the Throne' for Game of Thrones. If you find one of the six thrones, you win a crown. This is a literal game of thrones.

According to Fansided, the first throne was already found, within a day of the hidden thrones being announced. It was found in a wooded area. The two people who found it were rewarded with a crown from HBO, that looks very similar to Robert Baratheon's crown.

The second throne is in a snowy northern area, according to For The Throne, the official website of everything leading up to the final season of 'Game of Thrones'. There are no hints for the other 4 thrones.

My question is, could one of the Iron Thrones be hidden in the Hudson Valley? I really have no clue if there is, but I think hiding a throne on a barge going up the Hudson River could be really cool. It could be the throne in honor of House Greyjoy since they're the ship/sea house.

This is like the golden ticket, but we get a whole season of Game of Thrones at the end instead of a chocolate factory. In case you're wondering, I hope Arya is on the Throne at the end.

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