The Hudson Valley has so much to offer in terms of food. There are plenty of funky places that keep popping up all over our area. It got me thinking, is the Hudson Valley a donut dessert?

Donuts are amazing as we all know, but where are all the places to get these funky donuts that I constantly see on the television? I see these crazy concoctions using all sorts of toppings for the donuts. We have the standard donuts from Dunkin and Krispy Kreme, but where are these other donut places that I find myself dreaming about? They have to exist.

The Hudson Valley is home to Glazed Over Donuts in Beacon, N.Y. and they serve up some amazing looking donuts and have won awards for their fantastic creations. This is where you're going to find donuts topped with Froot Loops and marshmallow icing.

At one point Daddy's Donuts in Middletown, N.Y. had a store and was serving residents amazing creations, however, in 2018 they decided to do what was right for their business and switch to a large-scale only bakery. This means they still service wholesale customers, but no longer have a storefront.

Now, it looks like the Hudson Valley will see another addition to the donut family, with the opening of Peaceful Provisions also located in Beacon, N.Y. Peaceful Provisions is a 100% vegan donut shop. So maybe the Hudson Valley isn't a donut dessert, as more establishments are popping up. If you know of any cool, funky donuts places in the Hudson Valley, please share.

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