Each week on ‘In Touch’, our locally produced public affairs program, I have the pleasure of talking with individuals and organizations from all over the Hudson Valley. We focus on non-profit organizations and volunteers who are working hard to help make all of our communities better places to live, work, and raise our families.

American Heart Association
American Heart Association

This week, Carolyn Torella, Regional Communication Director in the Hudson Valley American Heart Association, stopped by our studios to talk about healthy lifestyle choices we can all make to lead happier and healthier lives. Since it's summer time and there's lots of locally grown produce available, it's easy to, as they say, eat more colors. Adding a variety of fruits and vegetables to your meals is a smart and healthy choice.

Carolyn gave us tips on how to make some simple changes in our diets that can have a big impact, plus the Heart Association also provides cooking tips and cooking videos to help make things even easier for you to cook and eat healthy.

She also shared some tips on how to make healthy lunches even easier in spite of hectic school day schedules. Carolyn has so many great ideas to eat and be healthier, so without any further ado, here she is on this week’s In Touch.

Take a listen to some of the other non-profit groups or organizations who have stopped by our studios over the past few weeks.


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