I was relaxing and watching a little television last night, and on the other side of the room my boyfriend was looking at facebook. All of a sudden, I heard him gasp out loud. He’s not really a gasper, so I knew he saw something that he thought was a big deal. I asked what was going on and he said that The Little Bear Restaurant in Kingston was closing, or at least relocating. I gasped too.

The Little Bear has been in the same creek-side spot in Woodstock for 42 years. That’s an amazing length of time for one restaurant. And it’s been loved for all that time, too. My first visit to The Little Bear was in the early to mid 1980s. I went with my friend Keith. It was the first time I ever had cold sesame noodles, and they were delicious. And I tried to get to The Little Bear through the years if I was in the Woodstock area. It’s always been a part of Woodstock for me.

The good news is that this doesn’t mean The Little Bear is closing. They are hoping to relocate, and hopefully somewhere in Woodstock or the Woodstock area. They are leaving the current location because the landlord has other plans for the building, but they won’t be wandering too far, and that's great news for us. Here are some things we’ve loved about The Little Bear

Iconic Woodstock Restaurant Leaving After More Than 4 Decades

Saying Goodbye To the Iconic Little Bear Restaurant (For Now)

We wish The Little Bear good luck in quickly finding a new location and opening their doors. Their last day at the current location will be on Sept. 30, so if you were hoping for a great Little Bear meal, get there fast.

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