For a second there I thought my wife had opened up a Parler account.

Remember when we would all talk about strange and unprecedented times in 2020? Were there really people out there who thought that 2021 would be different? It seems like they're only getting weirder.

The chaos that erupted in the Capitol building this past week could have been enough to unite the country this. It really should have been but the line in the sand between left and right seems like it's becoming more like a fence or ironically a wall.

Even if you're not big into social media you've probably been seeing the Parler app come up a lot.

Today while using my wife's phone I thought I saw that she had downloaded the Parler app. My heart sank. Upon further inspection I realized it was just DoorDash.

The conservative platform, Parler has come under a lot of scrutiny lately. Though it's supposed to be for conservative political discussion it is also believed to be a haven for extremists to push hate speech and even death threats to political officials.

According to BuzzFeed, the Apple store has given the app 24 hours to have better moderation or they would be banned from the Apple app store.

As a millennial I can spend a lot of time obsessing over social media. You could argue I spend too much time on Facebook and Instagram. Though I'm all for free speech I think Parler defeats the purpose of free speech. The same can be made about Facebook and Twitter as well. You want to share your thoughts and beliefs with others to create a dialogue. You can then debate those points and counterpoints. What do you accomplish by only having political discussion with people who only believe the same thing as you do? No, I don't think speech that incites violence and harms others should be tolerated as that's already a crime.

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