Be extra cautious and careful if you live in the Hyde Park area. Our world just seems to be getting more and more violent as each day goes by.

It's a shame that the world has changed so much and we have to be so cautious with everything we do. Thankfully, the police in the Hudson Valley stay very on top of it and try to give as many warnings as they can. The Town of Hyde Park Police put out a recent warning to residents about increased odd behavior that has been going on in the area.


What is the specific warning from the police in Hyde Park?

According to their post, the police have received multiple complaints from residents that passing vehicles have reportedly been throwing water bottles at cars and it's been causing damage to the vehicles....really? As if there aren't enough problems in the world.

What to do if you see the behavior or are a victim of it?

Residents and any visitors are encouraged to call the police if they see any of this suspicious behavior. The police in Hyde Park also mentioned that it would be a tremendous help if anyone can get the license plate of the vehicles involved in the incidents. The license plate information can help them identify the suspects quicker and they can get everything figured out.

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Be careful and stay safe out there, especially while driving. Thank you to the Hyde Park Police for keeping us safe and giving out these warnings.

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