If you are still not too excited about heading to the grocery store to stock up on items, have you tried going to any of the local meat farms? Hadn't thought about it? Think of these places as your own personal meat stores.

Yes, there are a few butchers that are here in the Hudson Valley that you can get great cuts of meat, but there are also places that you can go directly to the source, to the farm, to get meat from. More often or not, these will be cuts that are sold frozen and packed up in white paper.

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So you will need to make sure to plan a bit in advance by defrosting your meat overnight in the fridge before you get cooking, but the the pre-planning will be worth it. So where can you get 'These Meats?'

1. Northwind Farms, Tivoli, NY

Northwind Farms can be purchased at their main farm location and also at the Kingston Farmers market. I checked them out via FB and they are getting rave notes for their lamb, but they also have beef, and chicken.

2. Hahn Farm, Hyde Park, NY

Hahn Farm, these guys have everything. This was one of the first farms that I started to purchase meat at. You will buy items frozen and in the white paper here. You can choose from pork, chicken, lamb and beef. I seem to recall that they also had eggs and wool. That might have changed because of covid.

4. Bettinger Bluff Farm, Montgomery, NY

Bettinger sells beef only, but they have everything you could ever want and there are even package options. Just note, they accept cash only. No checks, no cards.

5. Full Moon Farm, Gardiner, NY

Full Moon sells beef, pork, lamb and chicken, plus eggs and local honey. They accept cash and venmo. One of the things that I love about meat farms is their bundle pricing. At this writing, Full Moon has a beef and a pork bundle which excites the foodie in me, plus they will help you with some cooking suggestions as well.

6. Sweetman's Farm, Warwick, NY

Sweetman's is another place that is selling direct to their customers. According to their recent FB post they have beef, pork, and lamb! Rib roasts, filet mignon, ny (SIC) strip steaks, hams, bone in leg of lamb, homemade soaps, honey, jams and more!! 

7. Kinderhook Farm, Valatie, NY

Kinderhook has freezers full of meat, including beef, pork, lamb and eggs. They also have bundled and package pricing. If you make your own beef broth, stock or bone broth, they also have it so you can buy a bag of bones so you can roast them and make your own version at home.

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