Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family is great, but there are other activities you can do with your family on Thanksgiving day. And I’m not talking about early Black Friday shopping. Some people like to take a hike, some have a yearly football game. But if you have kids, there is another great option this year. Even if you don’t have kids this is a very cool way to spend Thanksgiving day.

How about spending part of the day on Thanksgiving at the Trevor Zoo? The Trevor Zoo at the Millbrook School is offering a great deal. Free admission on Thanksgiving Day. Why free admission? It’s Trevor Zoo’s way of saying thank you to all of its supporters. The Trevor Zoo in Millbrook houses more than 180 exotic and indigenous animals, with 80 different species represented. The zoo is home to 9 endangered species, its facilities extend over 6 acres, and it even operates a veterinary clinic. And there are some people right here in the Hudson Valley that have never even heard of Trevor Zoo. If you're one of them, this would be a great time to discover it.

If you want to spend a little quality and educational time with the family before you sit down for the big Thanksgiving meal, a trip to the Trevor Zoo in Millbrook may be the perfect activity. And let’s face it, the price is right. The zoo will close at 4 PM on Thanksgiving day, and the last reservation time will be for 3 PM. Reservations are required. To make a reservation, visit the Trevor Zoo at Millbrook School website.

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