I was having a conversation with someone at work today and they mentioned that an event they were attend wasn't until the first weekend in December and that is when I said "you know that is only a month form now". We suddenly both stopped talking and realized wow, December is only a month from now, where did 2021 go?

Realizing how close the last month of the year actually is I started thinking but hey Thanksgiving comes first and I don't have a plan. Yep, Monday is November 1st Hudson Valley and Thanksgiving is just about 3 weeks away. (Countdown to Thanksgiving)

So what do we need to do over these next few weeks so our Thanksgiving Holiday doesn't sneak up on us?

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1 - Plan the Guestlist (if you are hosting)

If you are going to host Thanksgiving it is really important that you start firming up the guest list. People usually know what they plan to do on a holiday as big a Thanksgiving but it is important that you still reach out to your guests as early a possible to confirm.

Cooked turkey
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2 - Plan the Meal (If you are cooking)

This year they have us concerned about shortage of everything from turkey, to stuffing to dinner napkins. It is a good idea to plan your menu early and reserve your bird with your grocery or butcher. You can even start talking to your favorite farm market about the veggies you want to serve and how early can you get them and still have them stay fresh.

Hands Grabbing For Beers

3 - Plan the Beverages

This you will want to think about whether you are hosting or traveling for Thanksgiving. Apparently all of these ships that are floating off coastlines along with the trucking problems are possibly going to cause an alcohol shortage this holiday season. This maybe the time to check in to some of our Hudson Valley wineries and distilleries to see what they are offering as a holiday selection.

These three things planned now will make the next 3 weeks a lot less stressful. Once again this year we may have to re-invent a few traditions thanks to the lingering COVID -19 pandemic but a least this year we don't have to go without seeing family and friends.

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