A sign posted in the window of local business has many customers scratching their heads.

It's truly embarrassing to make a spelling error. Believe me, I know. Typing thousands of words for this website every week, I certainly make my own fair share of mistakes. The quick stroke of a key can make the difference between a brilliant sentence and complete embarrassment. But it's bound to happen when you're typing dozens of stories every week, so most people are very understanding.

However, when you're only handwriting a two-word sign, people can be a little less forgiving about your spelling.

That's exactly what happened to the folks at Xtreme Motorsports this week. A Facebook group called My Mashups posted a picture of the Kinderhook business with a sign in the window soliciting future employees:


You read that right, the sign says "help wonted."

While many people were quick to laugh at the obvious mistake, I immediately had several questions. Was this simply a spelling error, or does the person who made the sign really think the word "wanted" is spelled with an "o?"  If it wasn't a spelling error, how does this person pronounce the word "wanted?" What kind of accent is that?

And, most importantly, is the owner of Xtreme Powersports a chronic misspeller? If so, is the business actually supposed to be called "Extreme Powersports" and the whole company is based on one massive spelling mistake?

I reached out to the business for some answers about the sign, hoping that they had a good sense of humor about the whole thing. They haven't written back yet, but if they do, I'll be sure to pass along what they have to say about the sign (after running the email through spellcheck a few times, of course.)

The only thing that's certain is that the "help wonted" sign has brought a big smile to hundreds of people who've seen it while driving by on Route 9, and even more who've chuckled at it online. Mistake or not, that's nothing to be embarrassed about.

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