Trust me I am that last person who like to go to the grocery store alone but it is important that we do. Local grocery stores have been saying this for the past few weeks but today ShopRite of Kingston put it on their Facebook page. Hudson Valley groceries are asking that you don't shop as a family right now during the COVID 19 outbreak.

Grocery stores can be congested during regular times but right now with social distancing it can be harder than ever to move through isles at the store while still giving people enough room. Even the stores that have limited the number of people in the store can have trouble keeping people the proper distance apart.

Some stores have put guides on the floor so you can only travel in certain directions up and down the isles. They have also place boxes in spots so you know where to stand. But the reality is if you come to the store with more than yourself it is hard to give other shoppers there space.

Local groceries realize that it is difficult for some families to shop with out their children but it is important for their safety and the safety of other shopper that if you can leave them home while you shop that you do. Also this will limit the number of people in your house that could get exposed to COVID 19. Be Safe. Stay Home.

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