What the heck was this? Is it an alien or is it the Millennium Falcon getting ready to jump into hyperspace?

You've probably noticed that it's gotten weird over the past couple of years. Life in general has gotten weird but things have gotten strange here in the Hudson Valley as well. I swear if they decided to reboot the Twilight Zone or The X-Files they could get a whole season's worth of material from things that I've seen right here in the Hudson Valley.

A creature with the body of a fox and the head of deer that resembled a Chupacabra was spotted in a resident's yard over the summer. An eel-like creature was found in the middle of the woods and just recently 9"-11" deep hoof tracks were photographed in Ulster County.

Needless to say that I have seem some bizarre things in the Hudson Valley over the past to years.

Here's one of the latest cases that may peak Mulder and Scully's interest.

This picture may not be the most sinister looking but it sure is strange? What is that beam of light in the road and what caused it?

The photo was first shared on Facebook. Some comments in the thread claim the beam was edited in the picture with the help from Photoshop. The person who took the photo claims it wasn't altered in anyway. An other comment even suggested that it could have been lighting. Could it have been a UFO?

What do you think it was?

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