Out with the old and in with the new has been the phrase that Hudson Valley residents have used lately. We have watched some of our favorite mom and pop shops, restaurants, and local businesses close down. Some of them have retired while others are already on a new journey elsewhere.

However, it's exciting to see local businesses grow in the Hudson Valley. From cafes to boutiques and more, our favorite small towns are blossoming.

You may know the exact feeling when you hear that your local, go-to business is closing its doors. On the other hand, it's refreshing to learn that they will be opening in a new location. 

Did you know that his Hudson Valley coffeeshop has a newly renovated space?

Middletown said goodbye to one of their coffee shops. Hudson Valley residents were shocked when they arrived on site to find this location to be closed.

Java Jo's Coffee Bar in Middletown, NY closed its doors in June 2022.

Located inside of the Galleria at Crystal Run Mall, many residents looked forward to a cup of joe for breakfast or a pick me up, mid-day. What will replace this fan-favorite spot inside of the mall?

However, customers can now find them at their other locations.

They were thankful for their loyal customers who joined them in the Middletown location. However, they shared on social media how they were excited that customers can visit them at their location in Monroe, NY.

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Java Jo's is updating their coffee shop in Monroe, NY.

Along with their brand new start, Java Jo has done renovations at their new location along with providing a new menu to customers. They are offering breakfast sandwiches, 7 days a week.

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This fan-favorite coffee shop also has turnovers, danishes, brownies, bagels, rolls, and more. Taking pride in their quality and freshness, Java Jo's serves different blends of coffee using Colombian, Arabica, Sumatran, and Ethiopian beans.

Along with Java Jo's, Hudson Valley residents also enjoy coffee shops nearby.

These Hudson Valley coffee shops bring that hometown feeling to life.

When visiting Ulster County, check out Uptown Coffee in Kingston. They serve up more than just a cup of joe. If you're looking to cool down or beat the heat, you can also stop by these local bakeries and coffee shops to sip on a refresher.

Java Jo's Coffee Bar

30 Millpond Parkway Monroe, NY 10950

Will you visit them at their location in Monroe?

 Where is your favorite place in the Hudson Valley to get coffee?

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