More departments should use this kind of program with residents. It's always a bummer when you get pulled over and will usually cost you if you get a ticket. Sometimes, it really isn't your fault, you might not be aware of how fast you're going or maybe a light is out in your vehicle and you missed it. One local police department is trying a new approach when it comes to pulling over and it really benefits everyone in the area.

What will the Village of Liberty Police Department be participating in?


According to the Village of Liberty Police Department Facebook Page, the police department will be participating in Lights On! What is that? It's a partnership with auto service providers and law enforcement to replace tickets with repair vouchers AT NO COST to the driver.

More details on the Lights On! Program:

If someone gets pulled over, police officers can provide them with a voucher for a free repair on mechanical problems rather than citing them with a ticket. The mechanical issues include burned-out light bulbs, broken turn signals and more. Again, the program is FREE to those who have received vouchers. Wow, can everyone do this?

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What's the meaning behind the program?

According to officials, it's a way to help build relationships between local police departments and the communities they serve. Instead of punishing someone with a ticket, this program allows them to get it fixed and help with the financial burden of it. The local police can use this as a tool and it can help create a more positive interaction for everyone.  Sounds like a good idea.

Thank you to the Village of Liberty Police Department for all you do and this program is a great way to create a positive environment here in the Hudson Valley.

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