These new and bizarre-looking signs are real and they are popping up all over the Hudson Valley. There's a good chance you will see a lot more in the next few years. There's an interesting meaning behind them.

Here in the Hudson Valley, we have 9A, 9B, 9D, 9H, 9J, 9W, 9 North, and 9 South. I think that's it but I can't be sure. What exactly is PF? Did we a P.F. Chang's on Rte 9? Is it a detour to Planet Fitness? No, and PF is not a new road either.

Many drivers have reported seeing these signs in Poughkeepsie heading north on Rte 9 heading north while crossing over Church St. and they are causing a little bit of confusion.

So what do these things mean?

This isn't the first time we have seen these signs in the Hudson Valley. One was spotted in Hopewell Junction last summer. Remember?

Roxanne Brennan
Roxanne Brennan

These signs are popping up around the Hudson Valley and for a fascinating reason.

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The Hudson Valley is getting the reputation of being the new scene in Hollywood. There have been several film and television productions that have been filming in the area. Beacon, Pleasant Valley, Wappingers Falls, and even Millbrook have all been used in movies over the past few years. Poughkeepsie may be the newest location for a project.

These signs are directions for a film crew. These signs are created and posted to direct the staff on where to set up for a day of production. We can't confirm what the project is but be alert because these signs may bring traffic.

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