A mayor in the Hudson Valley passed a law the places restrictions on firearms.

On Friday, Kingston Mayor Steve Noble signed a new law that will restrict the locations of shooting ranges and set requirements for the operation of ranges. The new law blocked efforts to turn a Midtown building into a shooting range.

“I signed this law because it is reasonable, appropriate, and quite frankly, it is our duty as leaders in our community to expect a potential new business to meet the standards and requirements clearly outlined in this document,” Noble said in a statement. “With the passage of this law, the City of Kingston is sending a message that safe, responsible new businesses are welcome and encouraged here and that we are committed to ensuring prospective business owners have clear guidelines and expectations.”

Noble thanked the Common Council for “taking on this arduous task, for thoroughly and completely investigating the gaps in language in the outdated law and identifying best practices and models to adopt. It is through this process we have before us a comprehensive and effective piece of legislation that protects the rights and interests of all of our residents.”

Noble also thanked the public who participated in healthy dialogue over a complex subject with many “conflicting values and opinions.”

“Our citizens deserve to live in a City where our laws are practical, well-defined, well-researched, and equitable to all constituents,” Noble said.