A Poughkeepsie man is among those missing after a collision between the USS John McCain and an oil tanker Monday in the South Pacific. The New York Post confirms 28 year old George Ingram is among the nine men still missing. Navy divers have recovered the body of a 22 year old New Jersey man by the name of Kenneth Aaron Smith.

After more than 80 hours of searching more than 2,000 square miles, authorities have suspended the search. The Post reports the Navy continues to search within the ship as remains have been found in some of the flooded compartments.

Some suspect hackers could have been at fault for disrupting the on board GPS although no official cause has been given for the collision. A tweet from Admiral Richardson, Chief of naval operations stated, '2 clarify Re: possibility of cyber intrusion or sabotage, no indications right now...but review will consider all possibilities'.

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