For most of us who have grown up in the Hudson Valley a house with this much river access is just a fairytale. Truth be told you might actually be able to dock a ferry at this house.

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235 Tilden Street in Port Ewen, New York according to the listing on Zillow is a one of a kind Hudson River front property offering 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and 250 feet of what they are calling deep water Hudson River waterfront. This house literally has the Hudson River for a front yard.

The house also comes with plenty of dry land for entertaining. Built in 1968 this 60's style retro house offers living space, entertainment space and a place to dock a really large boat or two. So many amenities even one that would be difficult to duplicate. The concrete river edge seawall is probably one of the most expensive parts of the house.

The flat land on the lower part of the property is perfect for river front entertaining and also big enough to land a helicopter on if you found yourself flying in from somewhere. The only thing the front yard is missing is a pool.

Like me you might not be able to afford the 1.6 plus million dollar price tag but a girl can dream. And hey, if I win the lottery this weekend I will have to have at least a few things on a wish list I would buy just for the fun of it.

Let's Take a look inside

House Near Kingston with The Hudson River for a Front Yard

A home you can dock your yacht at for easy access. Live in Port Ewen while setting sail to anywhere from your front yard.

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