The Hudson Valley is filled with endless history lessons and stories. Those who resided in our hamlets, villages and towns set the path for us to fully enjoy the Hudson Valley and all it has to offer.

Influential members of society such as Sojourner Truth, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt along with the Vanderbilt family have their legacies being carried out in the Hudson Valley.

A mysterious Hudson Valley community was unknown for all that happened during the time it was thriving.

Have You Seen The Hudson Valley's 'Krack House' Hotel?

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

This historic 'Krack House' Hotel is unique and one of its kind in the Hudson Valley.

According to The Historical Society of Woodstock, 

The Krack House began with Charles Krack in the 1800's.

"Charles Krack’s career began in Germany, where he served in the military. Upon coming to America in the mid-1800s, he served variously as an overseer of a South Carolina plantation, a hotel operator in New York City, and an explorer on the western frontier."

Charles Krack was a businessman before he came to Woodstock, NY.

"Returning to New York City he became the owner of a floating bathhouse on New York City’s East River. This business was anchored near Grand Street and made Krack a fortune."

Charles Krack arrived in Woodstock, NY in the 1850s. By 1870, he not only constructed the hotel but ran it as a business which was called the ‘Krack House’.

This Historic 'Krack House' Hotel Is Located In Woodstock, NY

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

Woodstock, NY is the home of the famous 'Krack House' Hotel.

The Historical Society of Woodstock claimed that Krack did this, 

"to capitalize on the booming tourist industry. This structure remains in existence today and borders the northeastern part of the Village Green, and its ground floor houses the Garden Café. "


According to Buildings of New England,

"The Krack House was developed in 1870 by Charles H. Krack (1824-1893), as a response to the success of other summer hotels built nearby as the area saw a boom in tourism."


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Was Charles Krack Involved In The Hudson Valley Community?


Charles Krack also got involved in politics in Ulster County.

"The Krack House was a summer lodging facility with food service and all the best amenities in the village. After Charles’ death in 1893, the property was eventually purchased by Stanley Brinckerhoff Longyear, who rebranded the hotel in his name, The Longyear. The building appears to now contain apartments above commercial spaces."


How Can You Visit Woodstock's 'Krack House' Hotel Now?

Woodstock's 'Krack House Hotel' is now a popular business that specializes in serving healthy food to the Hudson Valley.

Garden Cafe of Woodstock is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant. They take pride in having vegan and organic food available which is also "scratch-made".

The historic 'Krack House' is a part of Garden Cafe and also borders Village Green. The Village Green Bed & Breakfast is a 1840's Victorian home.

The Green is known for being the place of gathering and town square.

Is the Garden Cafe of Woodstock aware of the rich history of their current business? It's fascinating that there is so much to learn about the Hudson Valley.

The Garden Cafe of Woodstock

6 Old Forge Rd, Woodstock NY 12498

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