As the holidays fast approach, many Hudson Valley liquor stores are reporting that their having a hard time keeping their shelves stocked with some of our favorite adult beverages.

COVID-19, the pandemic that will never end, still continues to cause havoc on the supply chain for some important things in our lives. We've told you about reported shortages of paper towels, toilet paper, dairy products and much more.

We can now add some our favorite booze to the list of things that are becoming harder and harder to find. Many Hudson Valley liquor stores have started to report that some of our favorite adult beverages can't be found anywhere.

We talked to Michelle from Mid-Valley Wine and Liquor at 39 North Plank Rd, Newburgh, and she told us that at her location tequila and champagne are the items that they are having a hard time keeping stocked, "Moet and Clicquot champagnes are two of the biggest names that are hard to find".

With the rise in demand for alcohol throughout the pandemic, many stores have been dealing with shortages throughout and it doesn't look like that's going to change in the next few months. The shortages of many things over the last year or so can be attributed to a lack of labor, bottling materials, shipping and major problems with the supply chain.

How can we prepare for the holidays to make sure we have everyone's favorite adult cocktails? Michelle from Mid-Valley passed along some great advice "If you would like to toast with family and friends with a glass of champagne, get out and try to get it now!"

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