The Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation (HVEDC) and the Westchester County Association (WCA) will pursue a merger of the two organizations, the groups announced Tuesday in a press release.

The new organization will build on each entity's vision and core strengths to create a leading economic development and business advocacy group in the state.

"This is an exciting, long overdue opportunity to develop a transformative, integrated business advocacy organization that will focus on economic development throughout the entire Hudson Valley region,” William P. Harrington said. Harrington will serve as the chairman of the new combined Board of Directors.

The merger group will leverage broader legislative power; advocate for the Hudson Valley business community at the local, state and federal level; and champion innovative programs to provide businesses with the resources and talent needed to thrive, the release stated.

The name of the combined organization has not been revealed but HVEDC and WCA officials revealed key focus areas will include health care, real estate, workforce development and technology.

"We found there are natural synergies between the organizations, as well as individual fortes," HVEDC Mike Oates said in the press release. "HVEDC has a noted history of attracting economic development, while WCA has exhibited a powerful skillset in delivering strong healthcare, workforce development and advocacy programs. Together, we feel these organizational strengths will be a boon for economic development in our region."

WCA President & CEO William M. Mooney, Jr. will serve as CEO of the new organization with Oates as president until Sept. 1, when Oates will become CEO.

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