A doctor from the Hudson Valley is hoping others take notice after he's found success with a rare COVID-19 treatment.

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Dr. Richard Horowitz who specializes in treatments of tick-borne illnesses says he's found similarities between COVID-19 and Lyme disease. Because of the similarities, he says he's seen great success treating COVID-19 patients the same way he treats patients with Lyme.

COVID-19 patients with shortness of breath have seen noticeable results within an hour of taking glutathione, Horowitz told News 10.

“The scientific literature has shown that there are three nutritional supplements, something that is very easy, not expensive, and easy to find. They’re called NAC, alpha lipoic acid, and glutathione,” Horowitz told the ABC station in Albany.

Horowitz explained on Facebook, glutathione helps with inflammation and shortness of breath in COVID-19 pneumonia.

"I hope some of our public health officials saw the interview. We desperately need a randomized, controlled trial, especially in our nursing homes and most vulnerable," he wrote on Facebook while sharing the interview.

Horowitz, the Medical Director at the Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center in Poughkeepsie, is now hoping more medical professionals and government officials take notice.

“If they would see the success that I had in my patients and understand the science. I think they would be interested," he said.

Over the years, Horowitz has treated over 13,000 Lyme disease patients.

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