3 Hudson Valley colleges make over $1 million altogether from just rejecting applications.

New York Upstate put out a list of the 30 New York colleges that make the most money from rejecting student applications. Sadly, three major Hudson Valley colleges were on that list.

According to New York Upstate, Marist was ranked as the #28 school that makes the most money from rejecting applications. Marist had 11,087 in 2016 and each application costs $50. The school admitted 4,545 students for that academic year. In total, they rejected 6,542 students. Marist College made $327,100 from rejected applications.

New York Upstate reports that Vassar College makes the 26th most amount of money from rejected applications. With 7,306 applications in 2016, Vassar accepted 1,964 students. Each application costs $70 for Vassar. They rejected 5,342 students and made $373,940 from those applications.

Finally, of the Hudson Valley colleges that made New York Upstate's list, SUNY New Paltz was ranked as the #24 school that makes the most from rejected student applications. Of the 14,042 applications in 2016 to SUNY New Paltz, 6,030 students were accepted. 8,012 students were rejected. Each application costs $50 and SUNY New Paltz made $400,600 from rejected applications.

Total, these three Hudson Valley colleges made $1,101,640 from rejected applications.

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