I need this place back in my life!

A weird thing happened to me the other night while I was driving home from Kingston. With me now living in Poughkeepsie, to get home from Kingston, I normally take the New York State Thruway down from Kingston, to the New Paltz exit, head east on 299 to 9W, hand a right to the bridge and boom I'm home. I'm like a GPS today...LOL!

Now this isn't an article about directions, its about that one time you have a craving for something and realize that what your craving can be had because it something your going to pass while your heading home.

That's exactly what happened to me last night, but the crappy thing is it didn't end well because what I was craving was something from a place that's no longer in business!! It was one of those nights where I was craving hard for "steak fries, cheese and gravy" and as I was driving on the thruway I remembered that I would be passing by the Collège Diner on 299.

If you never experienced fries from the Collège Diner, they were the food choice that got many of us though some really long nights in New Paltz. After a full night of partying downtown in New Paltz a must stop on the way home was the Collège Diner for FRIES! That's the memories that started flooding back and before you know it, I was off the thruway and getting close to the diner and when I got there, I remembered they aren't in business anymore.....


Yup they've been closed down since November of 2018! UGH!!! The location where the diner used to be would still be a perfect spot for a new diner, if anyone is looking to start a new business, the only requirement I ask is that you include STAEK FRIES, CHEESE AND GRAVY on the menu!

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