So the colder weather has set in and it might have you thinking that the fun is over. All the outdoor dining you enjoyed all summer long is a thing of the past. All the local bars and restaurants that offered outdoor entertainment are going to have to put things away until next June.

It turns out that there are plenty of things you can still do at bars and restaurants in the winter. As matter of fact, I just stumbled across something that might be a first for a bar or restaurant in the Hudson Valley.

Most bars offer some form of entertainment. You can go to a trivia night. Most places offer a music option like a live band or even just an acoustic set from a performer. Recently I have seen that Mahoney's Irish Pub and Steakhouse in Poughkeepsie is holding murder mysteries nights but I believe what they are planning to do at the Ole Savannah Southern Table and Bar in Kingston could be a first.

Yesterday and today Ole Savannah posted on their social media that they are going to have a skating rink there this winter. They are preparing their customers for some winter fun that they expect to have off the ground sooner than later. They are giving all of us plenty of time to find our skates in the back of our closets.

Before writing this I reached out to see if they would give me some inside scoop but no luck they are keeping the details tight-lipped except for the fact they should have it ready by December. If I hear back from them I will share whatever news I get. I asked some questions you might be asking. I am curious as to where the rink will be set up, I am wondering if they will have tables close by the ice. I also wondered if they would bring in any ice-type entertainment. And of course, will they be doing skate rentals, which apparently according to a comment on Facebook it looks like that answer is yes.

So add ice skating to things you can do in Kingston at a bar and restaurant.

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