While everyone waits for recreational cannabis or recreational marijuana to actually happen in New York State (save for the few locations that have opened in NYC) there are still people who could benefit from the medical use of cannabis or marijuana, so how can a person, who could benefit from medical use marijuana actually get their hands on it?

There are a few steps to the process of getting your hands on medical marijuana in New York State. Here is what you will need to do to get legal access to medical-use items, without driving out of state to get them.

What is the first step to getting medical use marijuana in New York State?

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The first step is to seek out a medical provider who is already licensed to prescribe controlled substances and that is also licensed to practice the specialty in the condition that you need help for.

For instance, if you are seeking relief from your cancer symptoms then you will want to see an oncologist. If you are having skin issues, then you will need to see a dermatologist. Not all providers can just start prescribing medical cannabis. The provider will have needed to take training with the state.

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What do you need to do next to get medical cannabis?


The next step will be to get yourself licensed with the State of New York and the Medical Cannabis Program, which will not cost you any money. Once you register, you will get your medical use ID card, which will get you access to a medical use facility to be able to purchase. If you are physically unable to get yourself into a facility, you can also designate up to two other individuals to pick up the purchases on your behalf.

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Still have questions about how you can get your hands on a medical use ID card or get your hands on medical use marijuana, click here.

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