In today's world with both parents working in the household, how do you make it through a situation like we're currently experiencing with the coronavirus?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought everything to a screaming halt, and parents are now faced with quite a situation. Schools are closed a minimum of two weeks, some districts more, we still have jobs to do, and it could be this way for a little while.

My wife and I are splitting the time staying home with the kids, with me taking this week and her next. Luckily for the kids, Disney+ made Frozen 2 available much earlier than anticipated. So, they're happy and I'm going to puncture my eardrums if I have to hear "Into the Unknown" one more time.

Keeping the kids occupied is easy enough, but now the hard part... making them actually work on a little bit of school work, dun, dun, dun! I know it sounds awful, but I also don't want them to fall behind.

Here I am pretending I'm a teacher when I barely understand my daughter's third-grade math. I'm a pretty lax parent, so I'm just making my kids do a few minutes of work and some reading.

Other than that, this parent here is working from home, watching Frozen 2, running out of coffee, reading memes, enjoying my sweatpants and bed head and adjusting to life as a teacher.

Enjoy the extra time with the kids, and just think one day your kids might say "hey, remember when we _(insert fond memory)_ because we were home for a month because of that corona thing?"

Stay sanitized.


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