The winter months bring snowy views and exciting outdoor activities. There are plenty of ways to stay active here in the Hudson Valley during the cooler months. We may feel less motivated to workout with the dropping temps. Maintaining an exercise routine is important regardless of weather. By improving your mood to allowing you to sleep better at night, we should make time for our well being. Here are ways that we can remain active during the colder months.

  • Join a gym or health facility

Whether you attend classes in person or virtually, it could be easy to stay active with motivation you surround yourself with. There are live classes to join in with and you could ask friends or family to be apart of it as well.

  • Create a home gym, workout center

This could be as simple as purchasing a few weights, resistance bands and ankle weights. You can google classes to workout and set a schedule for the week.

  • Take a walk/hike outside

I love getting fresh air, its so soothing. Bundle up, grab a warm jacket and soak up the vitamin D. This allows you to relieve stress, be in mother nature and improve your mental health.

  • Head to the mall

Find an indoor location to burn some calories. If you like shopping, you can visit your local mall to window shop as well. You can ask friends or family to join you. Find the staircase and do laps for a cardio session and leg workout.

Which activity appeals to you? Share with us below.

Stunning Walkway Sunrises

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