Have you ever thought that your dog would make a good therapy dog? Keep in mind that a therapy dog is different than a service dog. A service dog is specially trained to help their owner and must be allowed everywhere. A therapy dog is used to comfort people in different situations like hospitals and airports. Therapy dogs can also help many people where a service dog is usually just helping its owner.

Here are a few traits that make a good therapy dog, from Hudson Valley Paws For a Cause:

  • A dog that remains calm while being petted
  • A dog that does not mind being touched by strangers
  • A dog that does not react to strange noises or smells
  • A dog that walks comfortably on a leash
  • A dog that is up to date on all vaccinations and is in good general health

Do you want more information on how to certify your dog as a therapy dog? Here are a few places in the Hudson Valley that offer training info or classes:

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