Really, Newburgh?

It's crazy to think that the fate of America was once determined in Newburgh.
You've been fully warned but get ready for a nerd alert. I love history.

One of the things I really love about the Hudson Valley is its rich history and awesome landmarks. It's crazy if you think about it but the Hudson Valley shaped the United States in many different ways. The Hudson Valley plays a big part in America's origin story.

Just north of us lies Fort Ticonderoga and Fort William Henry, massive fortresses that played a major role in the French and Indian War. West Point was the place where Benedict famously betrayed George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

There's another interesting piece of New York history that sprang from the Hudson Valley during our nation's war for independence that you may not have heard about.

It's called the Newburgh Conspiracy. According to, The Newburgh Conspiracy was led by high-ranking officers in the Continental Army in 1783. Years after the last major battle with the British the nation's new government appeared to have turned its back on the brave soldiers who defended it. The Articles of Confederation didn't allow taxation so the army was funded by voluntary payments. Those payments seemed to get lighter once the conflicts were slowing down with Britain. The Continental Army had fought off the largest army in the world. However, the war was still on and peace had not been reached yet.

Frustrated and high-ranking officers in the Continental Army called for a secret meeting at a camp in Newburgh to discuss forcefully getting the funds, performing a coup or leaving the nation defenseless entirely.

Thankfully, George Washington was able to calm them down and the rest is history. The meeting was dubbed as the Newburgh Conspiracy.

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