So New York State is under the stay at home order until May 15 (and it could be extended further). How will this change how you celebrate Mother's Day? Well, the taking her out for brunch or dinner is completely off the table  (so to speak).

This year, in order to pull off a surprise or to get your Mom a special gift you will need to PLAN. Yes, the last minute card, candy and flowers that are purchased at the store enroute to Mom's house might not be an option.

Plus, if you are looking to order a gift online, you might want to do it now as there have been increased shipping times. Remember when you would order something and then it would come the next day or even two days later? Yeah, that won't be happening when the rest of the world is also trying to get that special gift for mom.

So, here is what you need to do. If you want to order a gift online and have it shipped, you should do that by April 27, 2020, that deadline will give you just about two weeks from the time you order the item to actually get it.

Say you want to order flowers, then that deadline will also make sure that you can find a flower place that will be open and making deliveries that day. Ask the florist if they give a discount for having the flowers delivered on Saturday May 9. They might tell you no, but you only asked, right? Make sure to call the local florist near your Mom's house, she is probably a customer of theirs and they will even know her color and flower preference.

Good luck to you and Happy Mother's Day.

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