As I was crossing the Bear Mountain Bridge recently, I thought to myself, just how did Bear Mountain get its name? It's a mountain, it's a town, it's a zoo, but how did it get its name?

So I started to do a little bit of research, and here is what I found out. This is a compilation of interesting items that I came across, including just how did Bear Mountain get its name? Did it have anything to do with there being a lot of bears there? 

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What are the three things that not many people know about Bear Mountain?

Bear Mountain State Park Sudhagar Shanmugasigamani

Did you know that Bear Mountain has a zoo? Yep. The zoo is also a part of the famed Appalachian Trail. There is also a skating rink that is open in the winter, and there used to be a ski slope that (while no longer in use) was once scouted as a potential Olympic competition area. There is also a gift shop, many hiking trails, and even fishing.

So, are there any bears at Bear Mountain?


It is very possible that there are bears on Bear Mountain, but if I even think that I can come across one, I am out of there. But how did it get its name? Apparently, according to a person I spoke to, the mountains looked like a bear. Somehow that seemed so anti-climactic.

What is the address of Bear Mountain? What county in New York is Bear Mountain in?

Google Maps
Google Maps

The address of Bear Mountain is 'Palisades Parkway or Route 9W North
Bear Mountain, NY 10911.' Another interesting thing about the mountain is that it is in two counties, Rockland County and Orange County, New York.

Have you ever hiked there? What should we make sure to do there when we visit and have you ever seen any bears there? Asking for a friend.

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Wow, it is always amazing what Google Maps is able to spot or find: 

Everyone is swooning over this Google Maps image high above the Adirondack Mountains.

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