If you've ever wondered what makes a snow day a snow day, I have the answer.

According to Accuweather, there is one person in a school district who can decide if the school will close for a weather-related issue. That person would be the superintendent. They make day to day decisions regarding the schools, staff members, and operations of a school district.

Accuweather reports that one of their responsibilities is to determine if school will close for weather-related issues. After all, the superintendent is the top ranking person in a school district. But at private schools, the principal makes the decision. At charter schools, they will make the choices independently, but typically follow whatever the majority of the public schools in the county do.

A Missouri superintendent says he determines whether or not he'll close school by going out and driving on the roads himself, according to Accuweather. He says he converses with neighbors and staff members in the district to determine what steps to take.

It could be a good idea to see how your superintendent determines whether to close school or not.

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