The snack company Hostess has issued a voluntary recall for some of their products.

According to the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) Hostess has issued a voluntary recall for multiple Hostess Cookies 'n Creme Brownies. The recall was issued because egg is listed as a product ingredient, however, it is not listed as an allergen.

Thankfully, no injury or illness has been reported. The FDA says that only people with an egg allergy or sensitivity are at risk from the product.

Four UPC codes are recalled: 20888109113579, 30888109213573, 20888109012025, and 30888109022021. No other types of Hostess brownies are affected by the recall.

The FDA says that anyone who has an affected product that has an egg allergy or sensitivity, should throw away the product or return it to where they bought it to get a full refund. If you have any further questions you can contact Hostess by phone at 1-800-483-7253 and also contact them through

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