Holy cow there's a horse in the street. This guy shouldn't be horsing around so close to the road.

Why did the horse cross the road?

I know it sounds like the setup to a lame joke and any other day it might be but today it is a legitimate question. Here is another question that I have to ask. Did anyone lose their horse in Lagrangeville the other day?

Commuters saw something unbelievable earlier this week while driving to work in the morning. A full grown horse was trotting down the road.

Nichole Contini
Nichole Contini

The horse was seen on State Rte 55 near Arlington High School.

Does anyone know if the horse made it back to its owner? If you have any updates let us know.

These stories aren't uncommon in rural parts of the Hudson Valley. There are often traffic jams in the morning due to escape farm animals.

What is going on with livestock and farm animals getting loose in the Hudson Valley? Back in August, some escaped pigs ran amok in New Paltz, New York. Check out the bizarre video that was shared on TikTok a couple of months ago. It has some adult language from shocked residents.


@yayatruly#piginvasion#piggies#pigs♬ original sound - Yaya
Shortly after there was a herd of goats that ran through busy downtown streets in Rockland County.




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If you have any kind of farm animals be sure they are fenced in securely.

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